Your success is our goal

Establishing a close relationship with our customers is one of the most important aspects of our project approach. We constantly learn from the real world requirements and very often get the chance to "try the almost impossible". Many thanks to the following customers:

Austrian Ministry of Inner Affairs - Forms Flow

An exceptional project based on Together XPDL Workflow Server / Enhydra Shark with 100.000 users and 200 million processes per year. It stretched everything to the limits but is a huge success. All inhabitants of Austria are registered in one central database accessible publicly is less than a second. Read the full German project description ...


Bausch & Lomb - Web based Workflow Management

Based on Together XPDL Workflow Server / Enhydra Shark and Together XPDL Workflow Editor / Enhydra JaWE a highly customizable workflow solution went into production. Using the XSLT/XForms based web worklist client the team of Bausch & Lomb with experts from Together implemented the new system with a tight integration into the existing IT environment.


Abacus Research AG - Switzerland

Abacus, the leading software company of Switzerland, is using a highly customized version of Together XPDL Workflow Editor / Enhydra JaWE to enable their customers to tailor the workflow processes of their products to individual needs. Many of the complexities of XPDL are hidden from the workflow configurator by using the enormously flexible architecture of Together XPDL Workflow Editor.

Specialized activity types and highly customized editing dialogs for process and activity definitions were implemented and configured as plug-ins to ease the workflow process definition task for the embedded workflow engine.

Based on their requirements and in close cooperation with Abacus Research AG we developed Together XPDL Workflow Editor 2.0 and this work resulted in significant contributions to the Enhydra JaWE Open Source project.