Use your worklist as Outlook tasklist or your Outlook tasklist as worklist client

Without any client side installation needs your worklists can be integrated into Outlook and used as native Outlook tasklists. View and edit your worklist items like normals Outlook tasks or use the task items to open activity related XForms in your browser directly from your Outlook task form.

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server and Outlook integration

Outlook is the most popular and most widely used mail client application. The goal of every company is to minimize the effort for employees to learn applications to use and to have everything useable in one place.

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server offers the possibility to integrate the worklist with outlook so the users can see and manage their workitems using Outlook only.

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server Web Client application enables you to connect worklists to Outlook and simulates Microsoft Sharepoint. Since Outlook offers native Sharepoint integration for tasks our workflow integration needs no client side installation, Outlook plugins or whatever.

After clicking “Link to Outlook” the Outlook client starts and asks the user if the tasklist should get connected:

A new task list is added under ‘Other tasks’ section in Outlook. Outlook then retrieves tasks from Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server and the tasks are displayed in the tasklist:

The form of a workflow task shows a special button "Open in Browser" to open the activity related XForm:

Of course your task list stays in sync with your assigned process activities. Process definitions can be associated with "categories" and these categories are mapped to Outlook task lists. Default process definitions can be instantiated and started automatically when tasks are created in mapped Outlook task lists. Manual workflow activities are mapped to Outlook tasks and when the task gets finished the process continues and new tasks for the same or different users get created for new manual activities.

Documents can be attached to tasks and get stored in process variables.