Open Source Java WfMC XPDL and OMG BPMN compliant Workflow

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server - also known as Enhydra Shark (TM) - is an enormously flexible and extendable WfMC XPDL and OMG Workflow Management Facility compliant, embeddable or standalone Java Workflow Engine. Process definitions are based on WfMC-XPDL (XML Process Definition Language) without proprietary extensions. XPDL process definitions can easily be created using the graphical Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor. For execution of serverside system activities the WfMC Tool Agents API is supported. Many standard toolagents for common tasks are included. For communication between workflow servers of different vendors we support the WfMC ASAP/Wf-XML API.

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server includes an advanced Swing administration client, a command line client and a web based worklist and administration client for managing installed workflow servers. The XForms / XSLT based web client supports the most complex workflow application scenarios. Documents, e.g. MS Office, PDF, Outlook Mails, etc., can be stored in process variables and edited directly from the web HTML user interface via Webdav.
Microsoft Outlook tasklists can be used as your users workflow worklist based on our Outlook integration scenario without any need for client side installations. Our server simulates a MS Sharepoint server for a complete and seamless Outlook integration.
For storage of process and activity instances a plugable persistence API is used. The standard implementation of this API uses the sophisticated Relational/Object Mapper "Together Relational Objects" (Enhydra DODS) for storing data to relational databases of your choice using standard JDBC and JTA transactions. Of course also Hibernate or other O/R mappers are also supported.

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server can be used as:
  • Plain Java library in e.g. Web or Swing applications
  • Webservice
  • J2EE EJBs (statefull and stateless)
  • Corba Server
  • ...and in many other scenarios
In contrast to all other available Workflow solutions Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server does not bring its own environment or unnecessary prerequisites but can be configured to your needs based on a sophisticated plugin architecture.

Open Source under the GPL V3 license
Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server is an Open Source project which is publicly available on SourceForge under the GPL V3 license as "Enhydra Shark" and is embedded  in many Open Source systems already.

A complete and powerful workflow solution

In combination with Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor you get a fully WfMC and OMG compliant Workflow solution. Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Editor is a graphical Java Workflow Editor fully implementing WfMC (Workflow Management Coalition) XPDL-Specifications (XML Process Definition Language) V2.1 and the graphical BPMN notation. Every WfMC compliant XPDL-File can be viewed, edited and saved either from a local/remote mapped filesystem / drive or via Wf-XML directly from WfMC compliant workflow engines.

Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server Manual

If you are new to Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server / Enhydra Shark we strongly recommend to read our Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server / Enhydra Shark Manual.