Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server / Enhydra Shark semantics support

Using the Together XPDL and BPMN Workflow Server / Enhydra Shark configuration the following extended functionality is available:
  • Support for editable and viewable process variables for activities which are used by Together Workflow Server Swing Admin and/or the web based worklist handler / admin application to display edit/view forms
  • Toolagent parameters: class name, application name, application mode
  • Removal of XPDL deprecated datatypes: Basic type/Performer, Basic type/Reference, ArrayType, ListType, RecordType, UnionType, EnumerationType
  • Script language selection
  • Deadline expression editing with support for process starting time, activity activation time and activity acception time variables
  • Validation for illegal combinations of activity modes and performers
  • Selection from a preconfigured list of standard Toolagents